Weekly and annual plan

Every week there are regular lessons, usually taught in blocks, for instance

  • specific age groups (music group, recorder group, art, weaving, sport)
  • theme-based projects (vegetable garden, the media, party or celebration, pyjama party)
  • seasonal activities (Easter, Christmas)


The following excursions, trips and visits take place every year

Oktoberfest in the kindergarten, Halloween, St. Martin’s lantern procession with bonfire, Advent and St. Nicholas celebrations in the kindergarten, Christmas party in the community centre, pyjama party, Carnival party, visit by the dentist's, Children’s Youth Museum, Easter breakfast, Deutsches Museum, Hellabrunn Zoo, Museum of Man and Nature, Buchendorf Farm, Teddy Bear Hospital in Munich, Krailling Fire Brigade, overnight stay in the kindergarten, our big end-of-the-year celebrations.